in the process of becoming a good muslim,a good daughter,a good sister,a good student,a good girl and a good people :)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

but..i love math sometimes.

Lols.maths also know how to make a drama.drama are awesome are crying while finding the X and Y :P hahaha

totally me

my life

we are teenagers so we used all this thingy right? even folks updating status while tweeting :P

you girls !

some girls are not like a girl at all.they act like a beacha man.. talk much im a girl too but im not going to act like those girls cuz i knew what people would react..GEDIK IS ALLOWED BUT OVER-GEDIK?? BOOK YOUR OWN GRAVE !

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

im taken

YOU TOO RIGHT?? Lols.i dated all celebrity i had a crush what? total green of envy much?

i love you papa !

get well soon,papa! im waiting & praying for you.

i love you mama !

who i am right now or who im going to be in the future is all because of her,my mama ! thanks for everything,i love youu






what is strong?

Friday, 8 June 2012

bila cuti tiba klimaks !

yayyyyyyyyyy or maybe DAMN BULLSHIT ! kfineee holidays is over.i repeat,HOLIDAYS IS OVERRRR! nah how come? i  feel that holiday is just begin man.holidays is the day where i can stay up all night long without hesitates ! Lols.holidays is about updating my blog,making a new status on my fb & of course tweets up my twitter :) sounds bored but i loved my holidays.i did all this awesome stereotype stuff during short or long holidays or as long as the day is call HOLIDAY :D HAHAHA.okay guys my holidays and your holidays IS OVERR! Damn.



whatever,whereever,whoever,however or whatsoever


Sunday, 3 June 2012

saya budak MJSC JOBA !

Assalamualaikum & hai uolls ! nice to greet you again.alhamdulillah,at last i've a time to update my blog  :) okay,today we gonna talk about my college.yes,college! currently i've been studying in college.whatttttttt college? it's Mara Junior Science College Johor Bahru :D get it? NO? haiyaa google please! last i can call myself,ANAK MARA.WHYY?? hmmm dont have specific answer for that but maybe because i've been studying under MARA.MJSC JOBA was awesome & 100% cool ! no first i didnt like the students because they  BERPUAK! i hate puak & i anti by day i tried my best to adapt with the situation and  those students.i told myself that i need to understand  those people come from different states,so they play with different flow.yes that's true  most of the students are from selangor & kl but there also hv students from johor,kelantan,melaka,negeri sembilan and so on.maybe they make friends by their own unique way.we are PIONEER! we create our own culture and our own tradition.the best part is we conquer the college but the worst part is we dont hv  seniors to lead i knew senior is sooo important :(  the best thing i love about my college is the view! i bet you the view here was mind blowing,man.everytime i see the view i would like,Subhanallah! Allah gave us such a beautiful view from the sky.other best part is i become more responsible to myself.i perform solah wuthout skip & plus berjemaah.i realized only Allah stay at my side where ever i go.i tried my very best to become a good muslim & a good know what,i'm a vice president of peers in MJSC JOBA ! Alhamdulillah,Allah gave me another gift.i promised  myself that i will lead my peers with full of responsibility and loves :) what do you think about my college? awesome,huh? thanks! you soon on the next entry :P Assalamualaikum.

setelah 3 kali merayu barulah dpt jadi anak MARA !Alhamdulillah

im proudly present my college ; MJSC JOBA :D

see, i told the view was stunning !