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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

ohh addmaths -,-

addmaths is hard ! WHYYY!!!! i cant understand why the people that created addmaths being sooo mean -.-  i tried my best to fall in love with addmaths but still i cant ! plus,my addmaths teacher was so not cool at all.she teached   me like i knew addmaths very well..c'mon this is my first time meeting you as a teacher should guide me step by teached addmaths as fast as LRT ! i cant play with your flow,miss :"(  please help me to understand the concept of addmaths.i dont wanna FAIL ! FAIL is not awesome at all,dude ! to be frank,i loves addmaths and everything about digits..but the problem is,i need someone that can help me develop my loves to them.

like seriously,this not me at all.i dont wanna FAIL.FAIL itu bukan perkara biasa pada saya =='

tolong tunjukkan saya jalan LULUS->C->B->A- ->A+

saya masih pelajar sekolah dan saya masih ke sekolah :")

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