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Sunday, 20 November 2011

my dear, PMR :D

4 October 2011.what the heaven is happening ? it’s PMR  yawwww !!!!  the second most important examination in Malaysia after SPM.PMR is a stage for the student like me to measure how focus I had studied along this 3 years.PMR also help me to decides which stream im going to choose in form 4.seriously I am freaking scared right now.i just realizes that time passed very fast -,-   but  life  must go on..right? what im going to do is open the books and study !  FOCUS LYDIA ! if you fail,there are no more tomorrow for you ==’ I promised myself that im gonna do all my very best on PMR :) There are no other way than makes the A’s,goodluck to me and all the PMR victims 2011 ! trust yourself and help our mum change the world :)  be the next PRESIDENT ! CHOW!

                                          The face of PMR victim ‘==’

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